crackers by cmfwood

We’d hope that this would debut in the Edinburgh Fringe 2020. The show is temporarily postponed but we will bring it to life, in real life, as soon as we are able.

Will is a GP, working tirelessly in one of Scotland’s Deep End practices. When a patient informs him that her son took his own life following an appointment with Will, his world starts to crumble. His wife Mhairi continues to campaign for better treatment of mental ill-health from the NHS. And their teenage daughter Lyra has a secret of her own. When Will’s best friend turns up out of the blue, secrets come out with the saké and things will never be the same again.

Cast list

The script features 12 characters and a range of ages as follows:

Will, a GP – 40s / 50s. Super smart, dedicated to his job, loves his family completely.

Mhairi, his wife, a teacher – 40s / 50s. Endlessly kind, enjoys looking after others.

Lyra, their daughter – 17 / 18. Finishing school and terrified of the change.

Cherry, her girlfriend – 17 / 18. Can’t wait to start adult life.

Young Lyra – 11 / 12. Curious. Anxious.

Imogen, Will’s friend – 40s / 50s. An adventurer. Dreads settling.

Faith, Ben’s mum – 30s / 40s / 50s. Values justice.

Duncan, a teacher at Mhairi’s school – 20s / 30s / 40s. An organiser, out of his depth.

Kathleen, a support worker – 50s / 60s. Pottering along.

Dorothy, a dinner lady – 50s / 60s. Suspects life has short-changed her.

Josh, a teacher – 30s / 40s / 50s. Loves the wrong person.

Ernie, a teacher – 50s / 60s. Wishes he was Cicero. (The orator, not the pop star.)

Adult themes

Auditionees and prospective cast / crew members should be aware that this play is about mental ill-health. The script includes references to and discussion of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide. There is also some bad language. We are very happy to brief you more fully on the script contents before you confirm your interest. We’re particularly conscious of sensitivities for younger actors and / or people with lived experience and are keen to make the production process comfortable and supportive.