Being single sucks.

Especially in a pandemic.

So what better time to resurrect hit game show, Love Roulette? Though this time, there’s a difference. The show’s on zoom. The live audience still decide which contestants get paired in hope of finding lifelong love. It’s still broadcast live on national TV. But the wannabe lovers don’t just win a weekend away. They win total freedom from the restrictions so they can kindle an un-socially distant romance. 

Enjoy the nation’s raciest game show hosts, Rex and Dion, seducing our contestants into baring their souls. Meet the Valentine’s Day show contestants: saucy Saira, eccentric Eartha, hard nut Harriet, tricksy Tristen and voracious Vardo. And let Maestro set your mood for love. Who’ll be happily ever after and who’ll be hurled onto the slagheap of singledom? In Love Roulette, it’s all up to you.

Performances ran online from 13 to 20 February 2021.

Preview piece from All Edinburgh Theatre here. And a feisty frothy podcast from David Calder featuring an interview with director Ross Hope and writer Claire Wood, here.

More about our gorgeous cast here. And here they are, looking for love in our show trailers.

Tickets were free though we’d love donations to Acting For Others.

We got loads of reviews, with thanks to everyone that came to see it. Here’s Corr Blimey’s take on it. London Pub Theatre’s perspective. All Edinburgh Theatre found it “frothy”.