Photo credit: Judith Fieldhouse

Living alone in a pandemic is no picnic.

Martha and Viv are best friends, living alone at opposite ends of the country and both refusing to leave the house. Single mum Helen is juggling her kids, her job as a nurse and weekly four hour round trips to deliver food to her mum, Martha. Helen’s kids are getting paranoid that the pandemic is turning them into social outcasts. 

Martha’s got a secret that threatens to shatter the already stretched familial loyalty. And she needs to tell someone before it’s too late. 

shrapnel is a darkly funny look at life in a pandemic and all the forms the fallout takes.

Performances run from Thursday 19 November to Sunday 22 November. 8pm start.

Tickets are available here. They’re free but if you’re able, we’d love it if you could give a donation to one of our chosen charities, Age UK, Tiny Changes or Acting for Others.